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Timber Framing

Here at Harris Sutton Joinery we are passionate about designing and building beautiful timber framed buildings. All of our frames are handcrafted in our local workshop using traditional plumb & scribe methods. Our aim is to deliver truly beautiful oak frames that will last a lifetime using sustainably sourced British timber. 

What does this mean for you?

  • You can be safe in the knowledge that your beautiful oak framed structure will be completed with unrivalled passion and dedication 

  • Every frame is unique and bespoke to your requirements 

  • To help you visualise how your design would look we produce a 3D scale drawing of the frame for each client 

Frequently asked questions

“Do you just build the oak structure” 

Yes and no – if you want us to make & raise the frame and then you do the rest yourselves that’s fine by us! However, if you want us to see the build through to the end we have a list of subcontractors who Greg has worked closely with on many projects over the years and they will provide an excellent service – from brickwork all the way through to the putting the lights up. We don’t get involved with painting, however, we can recommend local decorators (Please don’t paint the oak, you will make Greg cry!) 

“Does the timber need treating with anything” 

In short, no. Oak structures have been around for hundreds of years standing strong and many were built before the advent of wood preservatives. Your oak structure will ‘silver’ over time as the sunlight bleaches the wood so if you want the golden oak colour to remain for as long as possible a UV protection oil can be applied. 

“I’ve seen a lot of oak with splits in, will it be ok?” 

Absolutely. The majority of oak that we work with is green, this means the tree has been felled within the last 3-18 months and still has a high moisture content. Oak dries out at around an inch per year which means a 6x6 beam will take around 6 years to thoroughly dry, during this time splits and checks will appear as the grain opens up this is completely natural and adds to the character of the oak. 

“Do you only use oak?” 

Not exclusively, oak has been used for centuries and it is famed for its strength and durability in the British climate. Other timbers can be used for framing such as Douglas fir, cedar, larch & sweet chestnut. 

Ready to design your dream Oak Frame?

Contact Greg to arrange a site meeting and design session. Greg will listen to your ideas and work with you to design a suitable frame to meet your requirements. A 3D scale drawing of your design and quotation for the work will then be produced. We will work with you to discuss any alterations that you may require until you are happy with the design and ready to book in your build. 

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